Nneka Ebru
Knowing how to build and run a really solid business and be successful at it does not come easily. And facilitating serious and lucrative international connections and transactions between companies and countries is also not a mere feat. What’s more, oftentimes, what gets an international business going is not just the novelty of the product or service but understanding how to build relationships across cultures and local distribution channels.
For businesses to have cordial relations and mutually profitable partnerships across continents as seen through import and export, countries and companies must rely on each other for particular goods and services. And these relationships and partnerships don’t just happen. They are made possible through professional and innovative consultancy.
Dr Nneka Ebru Okpe is of cross-continental parentage. She is passionate about being a part of development of nations through businesses. Interestingly, she is one of those who are particularly committed to helping Nigeria develop through business and guiding the growth of her (Nigeria) future international business partners aiming to create a culture of high standard, especially in the service sector.
Armed with requisite entrepreneurial skillset, Dr Okpe runs a few companies that specialise in consultancy and export-import. She also builds and facilitates business forums between states, governments and the private sector.
Currently, her firm, Intrasolutions Consultancy is expanding its focus on man power supply and IT services having created foreign and local partnerships with established companies to demonstrate the standard it aims to achieve nationwide. She is the Lead Consultant as well as owner of the company in both countries which supports and assists companies that invest in Nigeria by preparing feasibility reports, market research, corporate negotiations and corporate investigations. Intrasolutions also arranges trips for sector-focused groups and exhibitions. The consultancy aims to create a standard that leads to success with local empowerments.
With a cutting-edge business culture and strategic vision designed with clients’ needs in mind, Intrasolutions is well positioned to be a leading solution-based consultancy.
“Our operating strategy is tailored to meet each client’s needs in a superior fashion at a reasonable cost. In addition to our strategic service vision, we apply our best service to Nigerian clients and to those who deliver the service and oversee its delivery in new or different ways.
“Our competitive advantage is that we’ve built the culture of both a sense of pride in our service delivery and a sense of identification with what our company stands for,” she explained.
In fact, Dr Okpe is so committed to fostering the culture of high standard in businesses in Nigeria as well.
Dr Okpe who completed her PhD at the age of 26 with extensive research on the effect of culture in business success in emerging nations believes in women-in-business, women empowerment, sharing and transferring technology between developed and developing nations, creating a standard in manpower, business and services.
She has been a facilitator of businesses between Turkey and Nigeria since 2015 and is currently focusing on Nigerian market, especially in oil and gas and manufacturing sectors.
“In my professional life, I aim to enhance, develop and sustain businesses to be part of globalization, especially in developing nations. I have focused on business relationship between Turkey and Nigeria in every sector for many years. While doing business between these countries, I share my experiences with other industries that focus on the same markets.
In addition to doing business, I teach and train companies on business strategies, supply chain, human resource and in many other aspects of business. I see business as a life style and I am passionate about solving problems by developing relationships between people, business and countries,” she explained.
“In addition to doing business, I teach and train others to look at business as life style. I am passionate about solving problems by developing relationships between people, business and countries,” she explained.
Along with consultancy, an arm of Intrasolutions brings in raw materials for FMCG products into Nigeria to sell to multinational companies.
“Delivering to high expectations of multinationals and attracting smaller medium-size enterprises to comply with standard is at the heart of what we do,” Dr Okpe added.
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