Sterling Bank

Sterling Bank Nigeria is silently making strong impact in the Nigerian economy as they recently partnered with ZOLA Electric Company to provide clean, affordable, reliable and smart storage solutions to Africans.

Sterling Bank believes that for every business to succeed in Nigeria and Africa, there is need for good and constant power supply which will sure help every entrepreneur to grow.

Zola Electric, which recently appointed Tesla Alumni Lyndon and Peter Rive to its board, had some weeks back launched known as Zola’s “Infinity”

The Zola ‘Infinity’ product serves as a standalone “mini grid” that draws on multiple energy inputs and a smart storage system to provide continuous power.

Presently in Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Amsterdam, San Francisco and in other to penetrate Nigeria and make their energy solutions noticeable, they partnered with Sterling Bank to ensure that there is easy access to the product without stress.

According to Sterling Bank, “The Zola energy system works with a smartphone app and can be shared from peer to peers. And the bank is committed to giving Nigerians clean, renewable and affordable energy and this is a partnership we are very proud of as it will help us on that journey.”

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