There is no way one chooses to talk about the various cultures and traditions in some part of the Nigerian states that drinks will not be mentioned.

It has become a tradition that even at weddings, families still prefer to collect gin as one of the major part of the bride price rather than accept foreign drinks and this tradition has been sustained for several years and still counting.

Recently held celebrated New Yam festival in some Igbo states saw drink company like Intercontinental Distilleries Limited: makers of Chelsea Dry Gin, Squadron Dark Rum, Veleta, Action Bitters and other top choice quality drinks in Nigeria, stepping out to show their support for tradition.

The drink company is known for respecting traditions in Nigeria and they have become one force to reckon with considering the high quality of drinks they make which has constantly been on high demand and with up to date brewing facilities making their content of high premium.

In keeping her promise to promote tradition and culture, the company rose to the occasion as they supported the Iri ji Mbaise (New Yam Festival) with their popular brand, Eagle Schnapps, which was held in Imo state recently.

Eagle Schnapps is not just a mere drink but a drink for elders and prayers and the New Yam festival was a time of using the drink to bless the land or a more bountiful harvest in months to come.

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