MD Egoli Perfumes, Nwakaego Ojo

Striving in an economy like Nigeria, one needs to think fast and capitalize on the various avenues through which solutions can be proffered and CEO of Egoli Perfumes, Nwakaego Jessica Ojo, is proud to key into the fashion line where everyone wants to look good no matter how tough the situation is.

Her choice of fashion line is not the regular clothing aspect, rather, it has to do with smelling nice which is why she came up with the Egoli Perfume, which boast of various fragrance to give one that unique smell in public and at bedtime.

In a recent chat with Mrs Nwakaego, she stated that perfume business in Nigeria is like a virgin field where many are yet to tap into as some people continue to depend on foreign made products rather than locally made which is less expensive but of good quality.

Read excepts below;

 There are other areas of businesses, why perfume line?

 Yes, businesses are all over the place but just as unique as my perfume brand is, that’s how unique my personality is hence my choice of perfume line as a business. In addition to that I figured it’s more like still a virgin field as there are very few designers, so the chance to make an impact is very high.

You understand the idea of the government when it comes to made in Nigeria goods but some people still settle for foreign perfume, what do you think is the problem?

My dear no matter how the government tries people will definitely go for more foreign goods than made in Nigeria so the struggle continues and it takes one person at a time until we all start appreciating our very own made goods. The problem is from the first impression of locally made goods as inferior in quality and durability but over time things have changed and we have extremely good homemade quality products but people have refused to believe that things have changed.

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Your brand, how many hours does it stay on one’s body?

The Egoli perfume brand lasts for approximately 24hours cos I do my blends with highly concentrated scents and a mixture of more than one to give it all a unique smell totally different from others

Since venturing into this type of fashion line, how has the reception been like?

I’ve always loved fashion but people think being a fashion designer must be about clothes I say NO. Perfume is a part of fashion just as jewelries and shoes so venturing into perfume line was out of a long time desire of being a ” fashion designer ” cos I can’t imagine a good looking guy or girl smelling horrible . That scent or fragrance puts the dot on the letter i. The reception has been amazing as I took advantage of making it very affordable so people look at at it like cheap but quality and they keep coming for more

Does your brand have a target audience or its general product for all to use?

No actually it doesn’t have a target audience as it can be used by all. This is because it’s very mild and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals so it’s very safe for everyone

How do you plan on penetrating the Nigerian market and making your product known?

Spotting white in the midst of blacks isn’t so difficult so I intend to penetrate by standing out unique among other brands in price and top-quality fragrances to the desire of the customer. I have also decided to be exclusive buy giving my customers the chance to make their choice of mixtures so I have my number on each bottle so they can reach out and let me know how they want it. Maybe softer or stronger and so on. To me with this I will be able to relate and know exactly what my customers wants and meet their needs.

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As regards making the product known, I intend to have them displayed in major super stores in different areas to make it reachable to people then I also do deliveries and souvenirs by branding bottles for events like weddings and so on.

Is it true that it is expensive to smell nice which is why some people don’t buy perfumes?

Yes, it is true. And that’s why I’m here to break that barrier and be the bridge cos I believe everyone has the right to smell nice so please tell them Egoli perfume is highly affordable so they can buy.

Health wise, can one confidently apply it on the body without getting scared of cancer or skin irritation?

Yes o, you can apply it directly on the body and never have to worry about rashes or cancer. Like I said I use very mild and safe chemicals that doesn’t give any negative reactions that’s why it’s safe for all. I do training as well for those that might be interested in learning the craft.