OOLG, NYCN Community Recognizes Olufemi Ajadi as Deputy Chairman
Comrade Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo
Youth presidential aspirant and the leader of All Youths Reoriented Initiative of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, Comrade Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, has been installed as deputy chairman of Oloke Torotoro Youth Development Association by the executives of the community and social development department in affiliation with the National Youth Council Of Nigeria, Obafemi Owode, Local Government(OOLG) branch, Ogun State.
The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) inaugurated nine other members as executives which the youth leader, comrade Peter Ekundayo was included, on the 19 of December 2020, after the association has completed the formal requirements required by the council.
The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) was established in 1964. It is charged with policy formulation and implementation on issues bordering on youth development in Nigeria. It is the umbrella body and the mouthpiece of the Nigerian Youth. It was established and given legal recognition in 1990. The NYCN has three branches, the National, Zonal, and State chapters. The NYCN is also affiliated with the World Assembly of Youth, Pan-African Youth Union. It has the Ministry for Youth and Sports Development as its supervisory body.
The coordinator of the NYCN, Obafemi-Owode branch, comrade Oluwemimo Benjamin, while presenting official certificates to the executives, said the youths of Oloke-Torotoro have become one of the recognized youth associations by NYCN Obafemi-Owode Local Government because official attestation on their good conduct was as well given by the Baales-in-council besides other verification done by NYCN Obafemi-Owode.
Benjamin pleaded that all other residents of Oloke-Torotoro should give necessary supports and assistance to the youths for the advancement of progress and welfare of the community.
“Well, we have heard about your good deeds in developing your community. I need to add that there is a need to be law-abiding citizens and desist from social violence and criminal activities because a good name is better than silver and gold,” he said.
The officer in charge of the community and social development department, Obafemi Owode Local Government (OOLG), Mrs. Comfort Fajingbesi, commended Oloke Torotoro youths for their being well organized and coordinated, adding that their well-mannered behavior attracted the best calibers of people to grace the occasion.
While being interview by our correspondent, Ajadi said Oloke Torotoro Youth Development Association affiliated with National Youth Council( NYCN ) to add solidarity value to the youth forum. He added that he had loved to associate with the NYCN body for a long time just to be in a position to impact moral, social, and political values to the youths in the grassroots and to also educate them on the truth to know on how to actively participate in changing the society they belong in every possible way.
He said, “I want to create awareness in  helping the public and volunteer to impact and change people’s lives to make social changes in the country.”
“I have a specific mission that helps our nature and society in a different aspect that will also bring the power that drives the change in people’s heart to make a difference in our Country and create it a better place for everyone to live and prosper and also to help groups of people to unite at a grassroots level and find their voice heard in Nigeria at large,” he added.
The list of the elected executives and their positions is listed below:
Com. Peter Ekundayo -Youth leader
Com. Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo- Deputy Leader
Com. Olufemi Olaniba – Assistant Deputy Leader
 Com. Omotunde Ataansuyi- Gen. secretary
Com. Olaleye Olufemi-  Treasurer.
Com. John James Afe – financial Secretary.
Com. Oluwadamilare Ogundipe – PRO
Comrade Omibiyi Adebayo- PRO 2
Com. Esther David – Welfare 2
Com. John Monday -Welfare
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