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Nigeria’s business mogul and CEO of Porkmoney, Folorunso Muyiwa, is not happy with the way some Nigerians employees handle other people’s businesses.

Folorunso, who has been able to grow his business in some African countries recently shared his ugly experience in the hands of his former Nigerian staff as he disclosed that 90% of them stole from the company even those dear to him.

He went on to state that he tried at ensuring they were well paid even better than other companies but happy they could not steal his vision and intellect.

Through a meme which he shared, he wrote, “90% of the staff I hired in my previous business were thieves. Even those I held dear. They stole from the company in one way or the other.” Adding that “And I paid them more than other companies could afford. But you still could not steal what is important, you could not steal my ambition, my intellect, my persistence, my vision. You stole things. What’s a thing to a creator of things? You have failed yourself.”

One of his followers who was skeptical about the figure questioned him if he bothered to find out what prompted their actions, “90% is a large percentage… Did you find out why almost all your employees were able to steal from you? There is always a reason for a chain of behaviour.”

Folorunso, who seems to have grown a personal perception about Nigerians stressed that Nigerians are dull while adding that Nigerians are stupid and deserves everything that comes to them.

According to him, “Because Nigerians are dull. It’s why your taxi drivers are rapists and armed robbers. It’s why your police are stealing from you. It’s why your bridges are burning and people are being killed in place of cattle. That’s your reason right there. Nigerians are stupid and quite frankly deserve everything that comes to them.”

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CEO of Porkmoney, Folorunso Muyiwa, Nigeria, Thieves, #FolorunsoMuyiwa, #Porkmoney, Ebuka, #Ebuka, #JohnDumelo, John Dumelo

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