Flag simple map of Nigeria.

JC International, Nigeria’s leading Inspection, Training and Rope Access services company has congratulated the government and Nigerians both home and abroad on the 58th Independence Day anniversary of the nation.

A statement signed by the Managing Director of the company, Engr. Austin Joseph, noted that the nation has a lot to celebrate regardless of the challenges faced by the country.

“In spite of the numerous adversities the country had faced in recent times, Nigeria is still waxing stronger as an indivisible entity with the citizens working tirelessly to turn challenges to opportunities. As Nigerians, we believe so much in our country and this is displayed in how we approach challenges with a strong resilient spirit in view of turning things around for good”, the statement read.

The company commended the citizens for being resolute in ensuring a country united by one purpose. The statement noted that Nigeria is a country of over 180 million people with more than 500 ethnic groups and languages and millions of diverse public opinions, yet united by one purpose.

“Our strength is in our diversity. We all need to work together irrespective of culture, religion and ethnicity to build a country where national interest supersedes personal motives”, it added.

The company also urged Nigerians to remain optimistic, stressing that it is confident that the nation will get it right in no time and regain her position as the giant of Africa.

JC International further enjoined all citizens both home and in diaspora to remain patriotic and work collectively with the government to move the nation forward in line with the vision of her founding fathers and nationalists who fought irrepressibly for the country’s freedom more than half a century ago.

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