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Moyo Lawal

Often times, we as humans tends to have our own plans for life when younger but sometimes the situation of things and the way life plays a fast one on us, some of those dreams are not achievable.

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, might be serving her and various steaming photos about her sexy body but that is because that is the woman she has grown to be and loved by few that understands her better.

The actress while recalling her growing days stated that watching TV, she has always wanted to be a musician as she has so much love for US singer, Jennifer Lopez, watching her perform on stage but there was nothing artistic about her.

In her words, “Like roughly 15 years ago, I came across this woman on the TV, singing and dancing and then I just knew. Even though I was basically a fat, glasses wearing youth that always wore black and hid behind everyone (you people are not ready for my throwback pictures). That I was going to be artist, I wanted to sing and dance then (smiles).

“I had absolutely no idea how , because there was nothing artistic about me apart from the fact that I used to sing and dance with my neighbour Bukky for other neighbours then and my dad used to come home meet me in front of the tv singing and dancing to everything and scream on me to go do my homework. Anyways, as the years went on, I just kept falling in love with her. From her, I learnt quite a lot of things, No drinking in excess, no smoking, being yourself no matter how different you are, believing in yourself, believing in love etc. Fast forward to 2018, she is still here, doing her thing and looking absolutely amazing I Stand with Jlo for life. P.s ….. Despite the fact that she hasn’t done surgery and is almost 50 in a plastic driven society, I make bold to say she even looks better than most younger model plastics.”

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