My Father Taught Me to Act Blood Money Role
My Father Taught Me to Act Blood Money Role

…I Can’t Act Ghetto Movies

Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie, has been able to manage his stardom well, that he has been able to employ the right ways at which he communicates with not just people around him but his fans who are the reason why he is still in business.

The actor, has been making many happy during this lockdown as he has been picking some names on social media for their accounts to be credited and no matter how the token is, it has been able to put food on the table of many.

Still creating time to chat with his fans, the actor, responded to one of them who urged him to feature more in ghetto movies and the likes just for them to see the other side of his acting prowess but he was quick to clear the air on that aspect by stating that its for other actors to do.

Yul noted that it is not every movie role that comes to him that he will accept as some people are masters when it comes to ghetto movies.

In his words, “Naaaa… I can’t act every role. Some people are masters in ghetto films, I’ll leave that one for them. I go dey do other ones.”

He further admitted to being a professional when it comes to acting the part of blood money claiming that he learnt it from his father, Pete Edochie and others.

According to a fan who said he is “only blood money u are good at,” he said, “I be Baba for that side. Nobody dey drag am with me. Undisputed. I learnt from Chief Pete Edochie, Uncle K.O.K and Uncle Clem Ohameze.”

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