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Hon. Sikiru Sanda Oyedele, the Chairman of Egbeda Local Government, Ibadan, Oyo State, has praised Mr. Olufemi Ajadi for his positive aspiration for 2023 Presidency, noting that optimistic curiosity could only make a young man to achieve his aims in life.

Oyedele made these insprational statements when addressing Ajadi and his followers who visited Ibadan today saying that the popular statement of new law “not too young to run” can only come to a reality when Nigerian Youths are ready to take the bull by the horn.

“The era of attaining the old age before contesting for the position of presidency in Nigeria has gone.” He said, “A journey of thousand miles starts with a step which Mr. Ajadi has taken the right step by visiting people at the early stage.”

Mr. Cami Ezenwa, the spoke man of the presidential aspirant, told the council chairman that Mr. Ajadi has started his grassroot work and clamouring for people’s support at this early stage as he continues to gather ideas to that will be suitable for the development of Nigeria, and manifesto that will be beneficial to the masses.

According to Ezenwa said that Ajadi is a son of the soil of Ibadan, from Osengere in Egbeda Local Government area to be precise, added that is the reason he decided to start his grassroot visitation for his political ambition from his home town.

“Mr. Femi Ajadi is well known in Lagos, Ogun states where his philanthropic gestures,” he said.

Mr. Femi Ajadi, the presidential aspirant congratulated the local government chairman for the successful running of the local government since he assumed office. He expressed words of appreciation for the chairman’s kind hospitality; also told other people that he would be happy if everyone could go to their various wards and tell their people the reason why we need “New Nigeria” and as a young intellect should occupy the Aso-Rock come 2023.

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“Among of his basic agenda is Creation of stable electricity, innovation of security intelligence, good transportation system, sound educational system and empowering our local farmers among others are our great priority when we get there,” he said.