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In ensuring we provide protection for all your valuables, Linkage Assurance Plc has secured the approval of the NAICOM to underwrite Agric insurance.

This will enable the insurance company to support the farmers and service providers in the Agricultural value chain for greater sustainability & growth.

The products approved include Linkage Assurance Crop Insurance Solutions, Linkage Assurance Farm All Risk lnsurance, Linkage Assurance Farm Motor Insurance, and Linkage Assurance Livestock lnsurance solutions.

The Linkage Assurance Crop Insurance Solutions provides cover against unavoidable loss of crops or resulting directly from the insured perils, example flood, drought, excessive rains, hailstorm, diseases, and pest, with covers including Weather lndex Crop Insurance, Area Yield – lndex Crop lnsurance, and Multi-peril Crop Insurance.

The Linkage Assurance Farm All Risk lnsurance is designed to cover the farm buildings/contents, farm products, and machineries against theft and fire.

Linkage Assurance Farm Motor Insurance protects the insured for loss of or damage to vehicles used in the farm or agricultural business, damage to Third Party property including bodily injury and death to third parties caused by accident.

While the Linkage Assurance Livestock Insurance solutions is specially designed to cover the farmer’s stock with one simple policy, which can provide immediate protection against death due to accident; death due to illness or disease; loss of use due to accident; and loss of use due to illness.

NAICOM’s approval will allow the underwriting firm to support the farmers and service providers in the agricultural value chain for greater sustainability and economic growth.

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