Speaking on the 6th day of the ministry’s (Our Daily Manna) 14 days of prayer and fasting program, Bishop Chris E Kwakpovwe encouraged viewers from all over the globe not to give up on God because God can turn a man’s captivity.

The Bishop spoke about how difficult life was for him when he left Pharmacy to full-time ministerial work. Some of the challenges in that stormy season of his life included the use of firewood for cooking, when there was no more wood, the bale banned him from cutting the wood in the community and he had to start using sawdust until the Lord turned his captivity.

He also mentioned that at a particular time, he was routinely mocked by people; a particular instance was when someone scorned at his living quarters at that time, comparing his situation to that of his contemporaries who were in better living conditions and good locations. At some point, he even harboured the thought of going back to Pharmacy but God warned him that his life would be at cut short should he resort to such an act.

Today, God has turned the tables around and blessed him stupendously; one of such blessings being a beautiful home in an enviable location.

Bishop Chris ended the online service by admonishing viewers that It pays to obey God, there might be a cross to carry, but at the end there will be a crown to wear.

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