Iceberg Slim

Popular Nollywood producer and director, Charles Novia, has not spared pretty Ghanaina actress, Juliet Ibrahim and her ex-lover, Iceberg slim over their breakup.

The break up is not really his anger but the way they have so exposed themselves on social media for several months all in the name of love.

Charles became bitter seeing the photo of Iceberg Slim pressing the butts of Juliet in a picture they took together as he stated that with the breakup, it has devalued Juliet’s personality.

According to him, “Any fiance who presses his fiancee’s nyansh like this and then they break up after this public display of ‘nyashcality’, has devalued the worth of that nyansh for other prospective ‘nyanshcals’. Both erstwhile betrothed were irresponsible to have even allowed this kind of picture go out in the first place.”

Iceberg Slim



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