Olufemi Ajadi
What’s the reason for the formation of this movement?
All Nigerian Youth Re-oriented Movement has a purposeful pursuit in educating the people;especially the youth. The movement acts as a voice for the defenseless while also putting a check and balance on good or bad governance. We can achieve these by re-orienting the youth on their rights as stated in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The aim of the group is to re-orient Nigerian youth,create opportunities for Nigerian youths by putting in place necessary structure that will prevent the citizens from social ills. It is a movement that will be instrumental to the making of laws and policies that will benefit the Nigerian Youth. It is also a movement that will come for you when you smell injustice within your neighborhood.
In what year was the movement formed?
The idea was conceived 4 years ago(2013), when some pragmatic and resourceful individual  spearheaded by the illustrious  Mr. Olufemi Ajadi (CEH) and other members, Mr. Olukoya and Mr. Ezekiel Peter came together to analyse the situation of the country at the time, a football competition was to be hosted in Osun State, Nigeria. We came up with the title ‘U-19 Independence Day Soccer Trophy’  to help the youth discover their talent and to promote individual creative ability.It was at that time the idea came within reach but we started the ground work in 2019, we have a platform on social media where we interact and share ideas.
What are the achievements thus far? 
Anyone who must achieve great feats must start little, yes, we have our achievements in areas of community dispute, soccer empowerment, job creation, youth welfare, we have a number of youths that benefit from the ‘Free Meal Program” daily. There was a case of torture and inhumane manhandling of a woman and her little child by her creditors, she was owing the micro finance bank some certain amount of money she borrowed and couldn’t pay back at the specified period, so she was beaten and given a bag to go begging with an inscription written across her chest and her little baby on her back. She was crying profusely that she had not eaten and her baby was hungry too, but they wouldn’t listen. We intervened through our legal department and everything was settled amicably, that is just some of our success story and many are yet to come,we give Glory to God Almighty.
What are your observations concerning recently conducted elections?
There were several lapses in the recently concluded general elections, the
Independent National Electoral Commission needs improvement in coordinating election exercise. There are need for restructuring in the voting process, coalition of results and announcement process. INEC needs to tap and borrow ideas from other developed countries like the United Kingdom and United States of America where there is a standard for fairness and credibility in election process. However,it is high time Nigeria upgrade to an electronic system of electioneering and this should be put in place before 2023 general elections,this advancement will help curb the menace of ballot box theft,snatching and hooliganism during and after elections.Furthermore,it will reduce cost of deploying security personnel and troops to polling units,which, sometimes arouse fear and intimidation in the mind of voters. We have often times witness armed security personnel at polling units which makes voters leave for their homes without voting because we dont have an idea what they are up to.
The media should be allowed according to their constitutional rights to carry out
their obligation during elections,it is only when something is fishy you keep it
away from the public eyes but if its worthy you want everyone to see it,so lets give the journalist a praiseworthy effort to cover the election process,even the
students journalist,if the election is to be free,fair and credible!
What is the way forward?
The way forward for Nigerians is to change our mindset from mental slavery to decision makers, knowing that our future lies in our hands, what do we really want for ourselves, our children and generation yet unborn? We have to decide the kind of leaders we want, we have to stay united under the umbrella that will shade us from hardship and free us from bondage. We have to make a choice come 2023 and that decision will change the course of history in our lives and in Nigeria.The way forward for Nigeria is to plead with our leaders to provide us basic amenities, it is our constitutional rights; electricity, hospital, free educational up to university level, good roads, shelter, pipe- borne water, job employment and quick trial for inmates awaiting trials. There is need for stable electricity for businesses to grow and expand. banks loans should be made available for citizens who intend doing business and interest rate should be relatively low. Homes and shelter should be made a fundamental human rights in Nigeria. Citizen wellness should be a priority to every government in Nigeria, everyone must have a roof over his head.
Here are some highlights for things Nigerians should expect in 2023 when a credible leader takes on the mantle of authority and it will be signed into law that if any is omitted from being fulfilled such leader should be summoned and prosecuted;
1.Electricity should be a priority and a must for every Nigerian. There should be stable power supply to enable business thrive thereby craving way for foreign investors and helping local businesses as well in the country.
2.Banks should give out loans to capable entrepreneurs at a low interest rate.
3.Home should be considered a human right in Nigeria, as shelter is part of the basic amenities of every citizen of a nation.
4.Education and medical treatments would be FREE and upgraded with modern facilities that no Nigerian would be needed to fly abroad for treatment no matter the severeness of the ailments. Schools will be equipped with modern learning facility to aid learning process.
5. Nigerian farmers would be given FREE lands, farming house, fertilizer, manure livestock, equipment and seeds to kick-start their farming career.
6.The price of automobile and petrol would be regulated so as to enable an average citizen afford and pay according to a payment plan.
7. The highest denomination of the Nigerian Naira would be N200, and the Kobo would be in circulation again.
8.A Nigerian graduate would get employment upon graduation or the state would pay the average salary of the profession as if he or she is employed until employment is found.
9.Border security would be detailed and CCTV camera installed at strategic places and also at every government parastatals to monitor daily activities.
10.The cost of food stuffs should be regulated, affordable and available to all Nigerians at a fixed price.
11. All Nigerians would have shelter over their head with the implementation of the low-cost housing estates everywhere across the 36 states in the country.
12. Every citizen would also be entitled to the ‘Free Meal Program’ made available through the means of an identity card which would be valid across the 36 states.
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