Itel Mobile

Itel Mobile Nigeria is giving other brands of mobile phones a tough run for their money and rather than compete with other brands in terms of phones they are interested in affordable phones for Nigerians.

The fast growing mobile brand believes that every Nigerian no matter the age should be able to use an android phone and they are bent at ensuring that the low income earner is able to afford a good mobile phone.

Itel ensures that it mobile phones are durable with good battery life and they are pocket friendly as they introduce the latest Itel S13.

According to the mobile brand company, “the all new itel S13 is the latest and the 6th member of our Selfie series. Itel S13 comes with a 13MP selfie camera, 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM, 5.5″ FW + IPS Full Screen, as well as a 5MP Dual Rear Camera with Auto Focus.”



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