A pressure group, Coalition of Concerned Nigerian Students (CCNS), has urged Nigerians to support and cooperate with security agencies in their efforts towards tackling insecurity across the country.

The group, made up of students drawn from various tertiary institutions across the nation, made the call at a news conference Thursday in Abuja.

Comrade Omoba Michael, President of the CCNS, who spoke on behalf of the group, noted that lasting peace and security of lives and properties would remain elusive if Nigerians did not support security agencies.

“Security is everybody’s business, and all hands must be on deck to ensure that criminals have no safe spaces to operate within the borders of Nigeria.

“We urge Nigerians never to hesitate in providing useful information to aid security agencies in protecting lives and properties.

“Everybody, irrespective of political and ethnic differences, is affected by insecurity because no meaningful development can take place in a chaotic society,” he said.

Michael, therefore commiserate with victims of insurgency and herdsmen/ farmers clashes in some parts of the country.

He however warned against revenge and reprisal attacks, adding that such tendencies would only make the task of keeping the peace difficult for security agents.
“We have followed the current security situation in the country, especially in parts of the middle belt region, leading to the death of our compatriots.

“We express our heartfelt sympathies to those who have lost their loved ones and urge all Nigerians to embrace the peaceful coexistence that has been the hallmark of our country over the years.

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“While anger at this time may be understandable, we must not allow emotions to becloud our sense of judgement.

“The Federal Government is tirelessly working to ensure that these killings are brought to an end, citizens should therefore should cooperate with security agencies to bring lasting peace to these troubled spots,” he said.

Michael warned against playing politics with the situation, urging that leaders at all levels should be more concerned with their constitutional mandate of safeguarding lives and properties.

He added that there was urgent need to strengthen all security apparatus across the country, especially the Nigerian Police, for them to effectively check security challenges in modern times.

“We have observed with dismay the attempts by some vested interests to politicise what ordinarily ought to be a national disaster on the singular note that they are in search of cheap political points.

“All politicians should, in the interest of the average Nigerians, support the work of the security agencies and give backing to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and his team.

“We call on the IGP to continue with the onerous task of policing a multidimensional society such as Nigeria, and avoid any form of distractions from any quarter and sectional interests,” he added.

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