Innoson Innovates Again As He Launches Lion IVM In UNN

In a foundation laying ceremony today, Tuesday, June 4 2019, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Ltd, Chief Dr. Innocent Chukwuma OFR joined the Vice Chancellor of University of Nigeria, Prof Benjamin Chukwuma Ozumba to the foundation laying ceremony and flagging- off of the construction of the Manufacturing plant of Lion IVM 20HP Agricultural Tractors at the Lion Science Park, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Lion IVM is a multi-functional tractor that will be produced by Innoson Vehicles and in partnership with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The location of the Manufacturing plant is at the Lion Science Park, University of Nigeria.

Speaking during the foundation laying ceremony, the Vice Chancellor of UNN, Prof Ozumba said the University went into partnership with Innoson Vehicles because there is a need to develop a tractor manufacturing plant in Nigeria because of its huge demand.

Speaking further, the Vice Chancellor emphasized that recently the Federal Government contacted Brazil to produce tractors for Nigeria, “we can’t afford to outsource such opportunities to countries when we can do so in Nigeria, that is why we took it upon ourselves to go into partnership with Innoson Vehicles to produce tractors for the entire country. The vision of Lion IVM is to tractorize Nigeria”.

In his address, Chief Chukwuma thanked the University led by the Prof B.C Ozumba for the wisdom to initiate such a great vision and also for seeking partnership with Innoson Vehicles to make the vision a reality.

“I decided to go into partnership with UNN because it has a history, it has a history of inventions and innovations, a history of success, so I believe this will make Nigeria proud. I have always told people that my interest in Vehicle Manufacturing is to move Nigeria forward. Innoson Vehicles is not about the story of a manufacturing plant, it is the story of Nigeria, it is the image of Nigeria, Innoson Vehicles is a reminder of the fact that whatever that is wrong with Nigeria can be corrected by what is right in Nigeria”.

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Part of the delegation which accompanied Innoson to the occasion includes; Bobby Okwuosa, Martin Okafor (Agunaechemba), Hector Osondu, Hon Emmanuel Unigwe, etc