Impact of ‘Turn Up Friday with Pepsi’ Show by Ekpo Nathan Nathaniel
Turn Up Friday with pepsi

When one is talking about marketing strategy especially during this Covid-19 period, then the ‘Turn Up Friday with Pepsi,’ show which is being organized by Africa Magic in partnership with popular drink brand, Pepsi,  is one Television programme one cannot ignore as it has been able to bring clubbing experience to many clubbers.

It would be recalled that since the breakout of Covid-19 in Nigeria with the Federal Government declaring lockdown in the country, lots of businesses and activities have been held to ransom especially for club owners and event centres. Even as the government continues to ease the lockdown in some areas, clubs in the country are still running at lost because their businesses are still shot down.

In some states, the government still allows some form of gathering but with some certain guidelines and restrictions and for state like Lagos, known for its high population in both business and fun seekers, the government have been trying to manage the situation.

Well, Africa Magic and Pepsi, wasted no time in stepping in to create a better fun for clubbers as they introduced the ‘Turn Up Friday with Pepsi,’ to fun lovers who have been held back home by the lockdown. Now, the show is not just for clubbers but also availed many families the opportunity of having a children friendly show devoid of smoking and all kind of alcohol consumption.

The ‘Turn Up Friday with Pepsi,’ show may have attracted huge viewership for the Africa Magic channel but at the same time, the Pepsi brand recorded huge sales especially every Friday as families buy packs of the drink and make dance videos to be able to be live on the show which was anchored by versatile On-air-personality, Dotun aka The energy Gad.

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Attending a physical club, the time spent there might be 3-5 hours depending on individual and as such, the ‘Turn Up Friday with Pepsi,’ was able to hold viewers down approximately 4 hours with non-stop fun.

Now, to make the show better mixed with talent hunt, the ‘Turn Up Friday with Pepsi,’ was also an avenue to help discover new talent in the Disk Jockey space as various DJs were brought to the show to compete with each with the fans let to vote for whom they preferred and at the end a winner was picked.

Pepsi Marketing Strategy

  • Pepsi partnered to discover new talent in the disk jockey business and also rewarded the winner with cash and various branded prizes.
  • Turn Up Friday with Pepsi,’ availed Pepsi the room to sell its brand at a cheaper rate compared to the paid for adverts on other channels.
  • For the fun of wanting to be shown on live TV, families had to buy the Pepsi drink to stand a chance.
  • Pepsi was also able to use some of its ambassadors to attract potential consumers.

Impact of the ‘Turn Up Friday with Pepsi,’ on Families

  • Pepsi showed families that having fun does not have to do with smoking and taking alcohol.
  • They were also able to create family bond and bring busy couples together for the evening.
  • The show brought DJs together to be able to learn from each.
  • The show promoted talents in both dance, music and disk jockeying
  • Pepsi proved that one can have fun at home and stay safe without having to go to physical clubs.
  • Cost management for fans that tune in to watch the programme.
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