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Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie

The Nigerian political system has gone beyond mere politics as it has now created room for large participation from every citizen in the country and Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has shared his thought.

The actor recently disclosed that the major political parties in the country have wrecked a lot of havoc in the country as the same corrupt politicians carpet crossing are the brain behind the country’s woes.

According to him, “To all those planning an acid bath for Cee C, shame on all of you. Your acid shall burn you all first! How can you build up so much rage in your heart from a mere TV show? Channel your pain to our corrupt leaders who have made you all jobless & brought deaths & hardship upon us

“If you love Nigeria don’t sit on the fence & complain, join politics. Make your voice heard. If you have the funds run for a political office. If you are too busy, find a good candidate of high intergrity & sponsor him/her. Leaving politics for the bad guys has wrecked Nigeria.

“PDP wrecked this country. APC came in and wrecked it even further. No surprises, they are all the same people. Same corrupt politicians crossing from left to right, and back to left. All polluted by the corrupt system. The answer to 2019 is neither APC nor PDP.”

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