I like to be a special adviser to IGP, Chief of Army Staff - Olufemi Ajadi
A Nigerian Journalist, entrepreneur, grassroots politician and the leader of All Nigeria Youths Reoriented Movement has showed his passion to work with Nigeria security Force agency as a spokesman.
Ajadi Officially ask the Nigeria Inspector General of Police and Chief of Army force to work together as special adviser in support and to help the security in the Nation.
Olufemi stated in his press release reference to ‘COAS seeks ideas to address security challenges’ , said he likes to work in the same office with Nigeria Inspector General of Police in other to proffer solution to various security challenges facing the country.
Ajadi stated reasons he likely discharge his ideas to insecurity are very numerous
Places he likes to contribute to Nigeria security progress &  Development before he will contest for political office to demonstrate his professional skills in security matters that will be useful in combating insurgency and insecurity in the country’ said such would be to use security surveillance camera.
The Managing Director, Final Guards Security Firm, Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo has reinstated his opinions on security challenges forthcoming after the Chief of Army Staff on the 6th of August 2019, released in a brief on Punch Newspaper that his agency seeks ideas to address security challenges in the country, Nigeria.
” Ajadi speak on how would work with the security agencies and stakeholders to ensure security peace nationwide. Tactically speaking, the peculiarity of our security challenges is not far fetched from the systems dysfunction, although, it can be corrected through measures such as ; mounting if CCTV cameras all over check points, embassies and borders and also to adequately equip combatants to curtail the rate of criminality.
Olufemi while speaking added that he had the vision of a functioning security system that would work from his experiences, both as a traveller and a security stakeholder. Ajadi said he’s interested to work in the office with the chief of Army staff and inspector general of police since 2007 while they view Nigeria security measure before the initiative of security outfit Final Guards gave birth to which was registered in 2007.
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