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Pastor Wole Oladiyun

….Not All Leaders are Corrupt

Nigeria’s economic and political challenges has really called for serious concern from both far and near as various solutions are being proffered by some analysts and opinion leaders to help stabilize the country.

As the year 2019 draws closer with the country preparing for the general elections, various analysts and opinion leaders have continued to air their views  on the best way the country can be salvaged from the lingering challenges.

One of those who is not scared at airing his views is the general overseer of the Christliving Spring Apostolic Ministries (CLAM), Pastor Wole Oladiyun, in his recent message to the country stated that one of the key factors which people have failed to put into consideration is holding the leaders accountable.

Sending his message to the country through the Holy Book of Ecclesiates 10:7, Pastor Wole Said, I am very passionate about Nigeria but there are so many abnormality in this country that only God can correct. How God will do it, we don’t know. Everyone in government has an opportunity to serve, so the first one is opportunity. God has given me (Wole Oladiyun) the opportunity to superintend over his inheritance in CLAM, the onus now lies on me to be responsible. Beginning from the president, members of the senate, house of Reps, local government chairmen, you must be responsible for the opportunities Nigerians have given unto you. The second part is Responsibility. When you are given a platform it’s an opportunity be responsible for it. But the third one, Nigeria as a country does not pay attention to it and we must start paying attention because I’m speaking as an Elder and a National prophet. The third one is accountability. There is no accountability. Whatever happens in CLAM here, I’m to be held to give account but we don’t call our leaders to be accountable and that is why we have destroyed the judiciary and it should not be so. Every local government chairman, House of Assembly members of every state who has the opportunity to serve must give account of his stewardship. They must all come to account for how they spent the constituency allowance allocated to them, they owe us explanation. The constituency allowances are very heavy. How can they give constituency allowance for example like N500 Million, then they take N50 Million out of it to buy 10 miserable sewing machines, 20 miserable grinding machines, then they buy wheel barrows and brooms and polish then you and the so-called party leaders sitting at the comfort of their rooms you share the remaining N450 million that is financial assassination.

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He however stressed that not all the Nigerian leaders are corrupt but there is need to create an enabling environment for the citizens to be proud of by providing the basic amenities expected from a government to the people.

“Not all politicians are bad some of them are good but majorly our leaders are not justifying the allowances they collect. We should not be hailing senators when they come, they should come and account. We are not fools in Nigeria. There are three things to note which is; ‘ORA,’ O-Opportunities, R-Responsibilities, A-Accountability. The boreholes they make in two months will pack up. There must be constituency consultations to know what the people need not just coming to give the people anything.

“Another abnormality that I have seen is can a 75 year old man, a retired soldier wanting to contest for governorship office, so no person in the state again? People no go school again? Ah ah, Nigeria!! We endure what we shouldn’t endure. We don’t need to carry guns, let’s say no, we don’t want you go and rest, we need your advice not your person. It’s not just an abnormality alone but an abomination. This is what we call Political anathema. At 75, the man should rest and give the younger ones a counsels, we need them as our counselors, we respect them and I respect them, they have laboured for this country and may God bless them but let them seat at the back and watch the younger ones to do these works.”

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Pastor Wole went on to make it clear that despite the large density of the country, there is no big deal or difficulty in ruling the country the way some leaders have made it looked like as its just about taking the right steps in the right direction.

In his words, “I put it to you that to govern Nigeria is not a difficult thing, it’s not rocket science. With about 774 local governments, let’s embark on local government development. Let there be good hospitals, schools, entrepreneurship centres then most of us in Lagos will go back to our villages and chase away all the witches. Let there be light, good roads that’s all but as at today, local government have been killed and must be revived. How about the regional development, like Ondo state, there is bitumen and God gave us since the day of creation and till there, it’s still undeveloped yet Nigeria has been importing Bitumen, ah, why are we wasteful? Why should Skye Bank die, call the directors, 10 of them, probe and jail them, cease their properties, sell it and pump the money back to the bank that is how it should be. So whenever you have responsibility in live be accountable for it that is how you will make it. I wish Nigeria well in the name of Jesus Christ.”