A group, Standup for Women Society (SWS) on Thursday called on the president, General Muhammad Buhari (Rtd) to declare emergency on gender violence in Nigeria and promulgate enabling laws that would apprehend and brought to justice the perpetrators of the acts.

The group National President, Mrs Deborah Ijadele-Adetona said, cases of rape and child abuse violence was a necessity that require urgent attention.

She said, “The issue of forceful canal knowledge also known as rape is becoming a menace in our society which needs to be curbed as fast as possible by all the necessary agencies. Nigeria appears to be at a crossroad over this matter, it is almost impossible for one to escape the daily delivery of news regarding gender-based violence across the country.
“Our women and girls are living in a state of fear, panic and anxiety; we are not safe anywhere in our own country.  Women especially the younger ones are always susceptible to rape due to one reason or the other.

“Within a space of one week we have heard of 3 reported rape/ murder cases of undergraduates with many unreported. Moreover on a daily basis hundreds of defilement cases abound everywhere. Even Sodom and Gomorrah did not witness this magnitude of raping, killing and maiming of the mothers of tomorrow, if care is not taking, we may be heading towards irredeemable generational destruction.  The number of rape cases, defilement of minors and violent rape murder cases is deadly worrisome,” she noted.

The group therefore seek a legislation to compensate every victim of rape cases in Nigeria and task governement with the responsibility for the education and welfare of victims.

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According to Ijadele-Adetona ” SWS call on the President, General Muhammad Buhari (rtd) to declare a state of emergency on Gender Violence in Nigeria and promulgate an enabling Law that will ensure the perpetrators of this evil acts are apprehended and brought to justice.

“We also require legislation to compensate every victim of rape/defilement in terms of government taking responsibility for the child’s Education and welfare. This is very important and urgent because many of the victims got pregnant from the defilement and are subjected to untold hardship. We had lost a few of them due to neglect and abandonment by their families because of the stigma,” she said.

She however bemoaned the current laws regarding cases of rape in the country as not providing sufficient punishment for offenders, adding that, “the best way to deter anyone from engaging in such distasteful practices is for the perpetrators to be aware that they could forfeit their lives in the process, hence, SWS call for death penalty against rapists”

The group during a street protest in Lagos earlier today, enjoined relevant authorities to begin awareness on the effect of the epidemic to halt violence against the girl child and women.

According to SWS, “all relevant authorities must wake up and protect the girl child. At school the girls are raped by male teachers, at home by brothers, uncles, fathers, grandfathers, nephews and male workers. Worst even at the police station the girls are raped right there by uncultured male police officers.

“The truth is, the girl child is not safe anywhere, hence,the time and season has come for a whole-of-government, whole-people and whole-victim genuine approach to end violence against the girl child and women,” the group said.

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