Covid-19: NSE Sustains Trading Activities Remotely
Covid-19: NSE Sustains Trading Activities Remotely

Following the 14 days complete lockdown declared by the Federal Government, The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has said it will continue to work remotely to ensure strict compliance to the government order.

According to the CEO of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, Oscar Onyema: “Given this new pronouncement, we will sustain our remote trading activities at normal hours and days, in line with the guidance provided by the World Federation of Exchanges.”

He said to comply with government’s directive, The Exchange has activated the second phase of its business continuity plan that will see essential staff move into secured accommodation close to NSE offices with adequate arrangements for healthcare and other matters necessary to their wellbeing.

“Access to our offices will be restricted to these essential staff that will ensure smooth remote trading and provide remote technical support to Dealing Members. We will also continue to provide remote access to listed companies and issuers during this period”, Onyema clarified.

He said  should any stakeholder need to engage with the exchange on any matter, they can  reach out  via e-mail, X-Issuer, X-Boss, X-Whistle, telephone,  website or any of its other digital and social platforms.

“While we hope for a quick end to this pandemic, we encourage everyone to maintain precautions, take responsibility for others by practising social distancing and good personal hygiene. Most importantly, please comply with guidelines issued by relevant health agencies,” Onyema noted.

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