Dr. Adeola Olubamiji
Dr. Adeola Olubamiji

Consultant and founder of 3D-Tech Centrix, Dr. Adeola Olubamiji, is constantly proud of herself looking back at how well she has struggled to build a name for herself without minding the challenges her then country was going through.

Appreciating her journey so far, she wrote, “On this day 8 years ago, I arrived in Canada! Full of aspirations, hope, and excitement! I believed I had reached the land flowing with “milk and honey” and my place of rest. A place where nothing will stop me.

“I had relocated from Finland where I obtained my MSc and worked for 4.5 years as a cleaner. I remembered throwing in the towel one day and saying it was enough and needed to leave Finland. So technically, arriving in Canada meant another chance at life.

“I arrived as a student at the University of Sask. While still in my PhD program, I became a Canadian Permanent Resident. And a few years later, a Canadian Citizen. Although it hasn’t been all rosy in Canada, as I needed to still put in the work, I won’t have it another way.

“The cleaner from Finland, sales girl at Sephora and pepper seller now own homes in CA and US, leading an innovative technology in a Fortune 500 company and helping 100s of others achieve their dreams. Thank you Canada! For the scholarships, and for allowing my dreams come true. You are forever my home! And will be the country of my children! Glad that I can live the best of both worlds (yes, those are my passports and we are working on the third one).

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“If I had stayed back in Finland as a cleaner or didn’t even leave Nigeria? Instead of complaining and blaming the government, get on with the action. Please don’t die with your skills and talents. Don’t waste your prime waiting for a chance or a change.

“Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and Canadian laws do change frequently. Therefore, you need to do this now. Do it for your children, do it because you too deserve a shot at really having a rewarding career. And yes, Nigeria will later come and claim you like they come to claim us.”