Public Relations Officer of Mikano, David Fakuade
Public Relations Officer of Mikano, David Fakuade

Twenty-Eight (28) year old multinational company, Mikano Nigeria Limited, has pointed out that they are in Nigeria to ensure that the products suites the Nigerian market and its end users.

Known for their high-level generator performance, the public Relations Officer, David Fakuade, revealed that Mikano has been able to secure their patent engine known as the ‘Yorc’ engine, which now gives their generating set a very high-level performance.

In his words, “The Yorc is very durable, the part is readily available through our dealership round the nation. The Yorc engine very fuel economical compared to every other engine that you can find in the market.

“We give you a 4-year warranty on it, free servicing for the first few years just for you to be sure you have a very good engine to serve you well.”

Fakuade went on to share one of their plans of going into real estate business which he said is not about land selling but construction of high-tech buildings for their clients that can withstand the test of time.

According to him, “Talking about the Real estate, Mikano is into construction because we are coming into the market more like few years back into construction, we needed to be able to show Nigerians that these are the things we can do. It is not all about collecting the government money, executing a project and you feel like the project is substandard, no, we wanted to do something for ourselves.

“So, what we did in Mikano construction is that we built all our new buildings for our branches we built it ourselves. Mikano is also into building estates, like we have a particular construction going on at Queens Drive on the Island and it is going to be a very massive edifice which will have Yatch, helicopter pack and lots more.”

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