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Comedian, Kenny Blaq

When some challenges befall us, we don’t know that it is preparing us for greatness and how we pull through goes a lot to determine the future like the case of comedian, Kenny Blaq.

The comedian was recently honoured at the Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG), Lagos Province 26, Tree of Righteousness, Jakande Estate Ejigbo, with the award of the Award of Excellence.

Sharing his story, the comedian said, “TO GOD BE THE GLORY, 7 years ago I was that black boy, people didn’t like because I will dance with all my strength, my body, and everything I have at every praise night I attend. Some people sent me out of the church. Some even called me a mad man. Until one day the comedian a church invited couldn’t make it so I told them I’ll fill up the space and they gave me the mic just like that. Pastor Joe saw the way I performed that night, and invited me to come perform at the same church some people called me names because of the way I dance.

“After my performance that night, the people who called me names, came to collect my number and recommended me for other praise nights. (Never judge a book by the cover). I cannot forget, days of GOD bless you, days of let us give him something for transport, to the days of we need to pay him, days of how much can we pay him, the days of how much should we budget sir, days of what name should we write on the Cheque.

“Now today, a day I will never forget in my life, the day of he deserves an award of excellence
Thanks a bunch Mr Buraimoh, the pastors and all members of RCCG LAGOS PROVINCE 26 TREE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS JAKANDE ESTATE EJIGBO (especially the young adult and youth fellowship members) for this award. I am still emotional as I speak. Thank you thank you thank you.”

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