2023 Presidential aspirant, Olufemi Ajadi
2023 Presidential aspirant, Olufemi Ajadi

…Before The International Airports

Following the trending news of Muritala Mohammed International Airport reopening on the 29 of August, a presidential aspirant for the 2023 general election, Olufemi Ajadi, has urged the Federal Government to reopen the schools before then.

The Youth Presidential Aspirant for 2023, Comrade Olufemi Ajadi, on 20th August 2020 reiterated that opening of Muritala Mohammed and other International Airports before schools, especially the tertiary institutions, is unreasonable.

Ajadi said that the opening of international airports means Nigerians value international trade and other related issues of such than education which is the main backbone of any prosperous country.

According to him, “I believed if we cannot meet up to our country need by ourselves how can we get it right internationally.”

He added that If Citizens of Nigeria could not resume back to school, why international airports ban will be called off?

He said, “If Federal Government could take look at the past when citizens benefitted employment through all the private educational sectors as teachers and as non-teaching staff. Now we are having many teachers jobless! Talking of practicing their profession, many private school owners have no other means of surviving than the schooling system. Mr. President, many female Nigerian students have turned to prostitute while the male students have to Yahoo boys.”

“Don’t forget forget ‘an idle hands are devils workshop’,” he said.

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